You Donít Mess Around With Sin

(parody of "You Donít Mess Around With Jim" by Jim Croce)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this is just some good advice for new Christians (and such not-so-new Christians as need to hear it again). Everybody over the age of 20 knows the original.

One time you did trust Him, now to God youíve come
For a second chance; be a faith-walker, now your new life in Christ has begun.
Yeah, He told you ďcome from the world youíre from, youíre belonging to the Saviorís cross,Ē
And now your bad deeds have all been forgiven, all right, and what was gain, now count as loss,
Free from laws. And they say,

You donít shrug at stupid menís fate. You donít quit once you begin.
You donít pull a fast one and repent later,
And you donít mess around with sin. (Go find it in I Peter 1, verse 3)

Well, you can get so enamored of a country song, or you can look for Jesusí plan in hymns.
Itís just a tune to enjoy, donít let it kill and destroy, but your hope should be all in Him.
If youíre looking for the King, He said to ask and seek, deprived of your cop-outs — thatís a fact.
And He donít need all your money, and I say [to] you, sonny, that thereís nothiní that youíre gonna lack,
If every need you pray back! Donít you know,


Well, His touch and love can renew you, or sinning can stop you in all defeat.
But when your judginí is done, the holy parts you did for God will bless your soul at the Judgment Seat.
Yeah, youíve been given all His wondrous graces, and thatís a lot, if you know the score.
Now you came to believe; now tell everyone the story what the Savior came here for.
Ohh-oh. And they say —


Spoken: Yeah, praise Him for all of that.
Read His Word through the begatís, and just trusting He who came for you,
Even if you did have some two-bit disgusting ways that fooled you.


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