Where Will You Run To

(parody of "Who Will You Run To" by Heart)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I don't recall how I wound up linking this song to the story of Rahab. Maybe God had something to do with it.

You were a girl and you were nobody's wife, and you made your way by sinning.
Yeah, it wasn't your idea how you'd be, but a new time is beginning.
'Cause now the Jews are waiting outside the walls; are you on the side that's winning?
You were not a good girl, and you can't erase it.
You've got one chance at life, and you better embrace it.

Where you will run to when the wall falls down? Yahweh the Lord is unfamiliar ground.
How could He ever let you take His side? Can He forgive the mess you've made of life?

You sent the searchers on a path that was wrong, You simply hid the spies on the roof.
And it's not easy finding faith in a God Who's gonna tear this city down, too.
What's going to happen when the trumpets blow? Keep your family close beside you.
You can see your whole world, God's about to break it.
Put your trust in Him now, make it real and don't you fake it!


You put your faith to work; your past, the Lord forgave it.
Check your family line, in the future, there's King David.


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