Walk Like an Ephesian

(parody of "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I stole this one from my friend Ed as well; he started to parody it, then I ran away with it. (He's a very tolerant friend.) I started it as "don't walk like a Galatian," but "Ephesian" was closer to a rhyme, and that gave me the song's theme. It's one of my "SongBooks" because it goes through the main themes of Ephesians.

Paul to the old saints, God's peace to you.
Chose us in advance, don't you know.
In Him we were picked (oh-way-oh)
So all of His grace He could bestow.

Since you've loved all men for quite a while,
Paul will always pray and not forget.
Jesus, undefiled (oh-way-oh),
Lord of all and we are in His debt.

Got a gripe with the worldly tripe? Say hey, no-way-oh, hey no-way-oh
Walk like an Ephesian.

We are saved through faith and by grace, not by the works we'd trust before.
Let your faith improve (oh-way-oh) so you won't be childish anymore.
Want to know God's will? Then read the book - be honest, don't steal, work with your hands.
Do a psalm/hymn sing (oh-way-oh), you're walking like an Ephesian.

No impurity, not a trace, say hey, no-way-oh, hey no-way-oh
Walk like an Ephesian.

Skip the games they play when night is black. Let the light show all the truth they lack.
Times are bad, you know (oh-way-oh). Redeem your time, can't get it back.
If you want help for moms and pops, this will keep you from a belly-flop:
Just obey your man (oh-way-oh), love your wife and don't you ever stop.
Serve your masters, please, fully then - you're working for God and not for men.
Masters need to know (oh-way-oh), be kind and do not threaten them.

Wear the armor, don't be unarmed, say hey, no-way-oh, hey no-way-oh
Walk like an Ephesian.

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