Wakin' Up

(parody of "Shake It Up" by the Cars)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this is just a light, happy-sounding description of one of the few times one of the King Herods contended with a man of God and completely lost.

Jailed all night, Peter lay.
Herod wants his head today.
A man in light, real upbeat,
Said, "Your sandals go on your feet"

You're wakin' up, wakin' up.

Time for flight, bustin' loose.
See what prayer and faith can produce.
Doors swing wide, better run.
God is spoilin' Herod's fun.

You're wakin' up, wakin' up.

Street's in sight, go go go.
Guards don't fight, they're out cold.
Free all right, saved by God.
Wakin' up, a dream it's not. Whoo!

At Mark's tonight, saints in prayer.
Make the servant girl stop and stare.
"You're not right," they told her,
Though a miracle occurred.

They're shaken up, shaken up...

"Guys, sit tight," Pete said so.
"I'm all right, but I should go."
Acts 12 says, all the guards
Wakin' up, behind bars and

Shaken up, what a scene.
Where's the prisoner who was chained between?
Jailed all night, where is Pete?
Herod had to admit defeat.

He's shaken up, shaken up.

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