Truth (of) John B

(parody of "Sloop John B" by the Beach Boys)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: it was one of those slow days at work, when my mind wandered towards musical things. By the time the mental dust settled the next day, I'd written parodies by the "Big Three" bands of the sixties — this song, "I Wanna Heal Your Hand" from the Beatles, and "Now, Judah" from the Rolling Stones. The life of John the Baptist is a theme to which I keep returning.

We came for the truth (of) John B, my Andrew and me.
Around the Jordan plain was his home.
Think he'll baptize, the ones who get right.
"Oh, be healed and look up, repent and know home."

The voice of the John B says, "Speak in the wilderness.
"Tell them to turn to the Lord, repent and know home.
"If you'd be His own, you have to serve Him alone, Yahweh,
"He's revealed, so look up, repent and know home."

His first job, he didn't flunk. The Lord came, and then got dunked.
The Comforter, like a dove, He came on that day.
"Lamb of God's known. Why won't you turn to God's Son? (He saves.)
"God is here, so look up, repent and know home."


A fool king married his sis, and John did say, "Don't do this."
When they took off his head, his followers mourned.
John B went home. His work is still being done.
He did the first dip, it's ever goin' on.


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