(parody of "Money" by Pink Floyd)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this was another early "Doctrine Rock" song.

Tithing, so they say,
Is giving God one-tenth of your pay.
Tithing, every cent,
Helps the church run, shows you're obedient.
And if you're robbing God, He can't bless you
Like He would like to, so repent.

Tithing, you can afford
'Cause everything you own comes from the Lord.
Tithing, so we read,
Shows we're trusting God, helps conquer greed.
And if you're seeking to live for God,
He'll give you everything that you need.

Tithing, get my gist,
Is for the church, not some televangelist.
Tithing, some will say,
Forces God to give you more and repay.
But if you give for that reason,
He'll displease you by giving none away.

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