The Light

(parody of "Tonight" by Alex Band)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this song didn't get a huge amount of airplay. But it was in the rotation of music videos at the food court of a mall where I met the other members of our US Census team every week in the spring of 2010, so I saw it a lot and it got into my memory. I wrote this in December of 2010, which makes it the newest song I've ever done.

This version is unusual in that I didn't let the concept come to me based on rhymes that sounded good, but set out in advance to make a particular point. The original song's video had to do with vampires, which are irredeemably evil. So I chose to write my version about someone who thinks he's done too much evil to be forgiven.

Well, you've lied a time or two. You had a chance but postponed,
And your doom is fully due. You've done wrong, and you know.

So you think "God, the ever wise can't forgive me now, I've tried."
But will you listen when you hear? I said,
"I can tell you true; don't you be fooled, He's calling you."

The Light is calling 'cause He wants you.
(He) knows you, He'll forgive you anything;
There's no wrong you can't bring
(To) the Light. Get the Truth before you're older.
You'll fall to where you'll never get it right,
If you won't just say, "I want You,

(To) the Light." Get right.

You don't know why - it's a mystery, why He would ever set you free.
But don't you mock 'cause it's true, and I'm pointing you to
The Holy One I know. His love will ever overflow.


The Light, the Light. Your world could fall today.
It's true, no lie; believe your debt is paid (by) the Light.

1st 2 lines of chorus, quietly
solo: like first 3 lines of chorus
lines 4-6 of chorus
lines 4-6 of chorus; solo over lines 4-5

The Light.

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