The Hating

(parody of "The Waiting" by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: most of my parodies start with a title, and then the lyrics flow easily. This one started with the chorus, which came easily, and then it sat for months while I tried to figure out who the song was about. The Pharisees? Persecutors of the church? It wound up being about false brethren.

Oh, baby don't be fooled by leaven right now
'Cause their teaching isn't what it seems.
Yeah, I've never known doctrine quite that twist-
ed, I fear that they might not ever comprehend.
Brother, they know better but they lie and pretend.
But there's many Bible verses warned me 'bout this.
I said yeah (yeah), yeah-yeah-yeah

They're hating from a hardened heart.
Every day it's more fiery darts.
They undermine faith, they tear the church apart.
They're hating from a hardened heart.

Well, some of them have chased a bunch of women around,
Made every Christian look like a clown.
Some, they would lie to make me feel good,
But never were true to the Word I've found,
And the Lord's the only one Who deserves to get crowned.
But they just wanna live like they're living for now,
I said yeah (yeah), yeah-yeah-yeah


Don't let it kill you, baby, don't let it get to you.
Don't let 'em chill your faith and, do not forget the truth.
You got to play it smart, don't be a dyin' fool.
Don't let this in your heart, don't let it get to you.


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