Stare Away from Heaven

(parody of "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this is one song I was sure I would never parody, because of the whole backwards-masking thing. My friend Ed and I actually put a vinyl copy of Led Zeppelin IV on the turntable and spun it backwards with our finger to see what it said backward. The verdict: something unclear, but it gave me the jibblies anyway, and continued to do so for years afterward. But, as usual, the idea hit me on a slow day at work, and I finished it just to see where it went. It became a strong warning not to emulate the two people mentioned, one from the Old Testament and one from our time.

There's a lady impure, she's embittered and cold
And she's trying to stare away from Heaven.
She's called O'Hair, you know, and her mind is so closed
That the Word cannot do what it came for.
Oooh, and she's dying to stay away from Heaven.

When God signed on the wall, "Mene, tekel, upar-
Sin," He showed mighty words to a mean king.
He'd be freed if he'd looked from the wrong that he clings
To the call of the God who is living.
Oooh, did he make a blunder? Oooh, really make a blunder?

Think you're free bird, and yet, you have still got a debt.
Will your spirit be frying and grieving?
Please take thought — God will glean sheep from goats, crops from weeds,
And our choice puts our name in His book there.
Oooh, you hear the thunder? Oooh, it's distant thunder.

I won't whisper the truth, got to call clear for you
'Cause the life that you lead is displeasin'.
Someday you will bow down, but for those who stand wrong,
Lake of fire, and you can't go from out there. ("Can anyone get me out of there?!")

You have to hustle to reach Him so, don't wander far now.
Don't just get sprinkled, but obey Him.
There are a few paths that can look right, but when this song's done,
Jesus Christ arranged the narrow one.
Don't you make a blunder.

Your faith's become religious no-show, and you need to know,
Your life's not all about enjoyment.
That lady chose to bear her sins so, now she's all woe;
Belshazzar lies in abyss of sin.


And if you try for God's abode,
You find you're fallen, and your soul
Can't walk the way you want to go.
There's just one Light who life bestows.
Go follow Him to streets of gold.
The way can seem so very hard.
But your end comes at you so fast.
When all is done and God is all,
If you just mock, there's no parole.

No use trying to stare away from Heaven.

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