Soul On the Right Way

(parody of "Roll On Down the Highway" by BTO)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this song is a source of total vexation to me. Someone I know suggested that I write a parody about it, and once I did, I could not remember who had asked for it! I still can't remember. It's a useful warning to people who delay their decision to get saved, but if you're reading this and you're the one who asked me to write, could you please tell me?

You're ready to flunk 'cause your sin is a load,
Looking for a long and fine abode.
You've been entrapped, I think you're sinning some more.
Try to adore the holy Lord.

Not a reborner? Look, your heart isn't right.
You don't need no slick religion seekin' the light.
First and Last, oh be wise and see.
Mind what you're hearin', all hallowed is He.

Get your soul on the right way.
Get your soul on the right way.
Your soul!

Christ paid the price, for sin there's all grace.
Make your choice, and make Heaven your place.
In 4 in verse 4, Luke said how to be filled.
The Lord's in control, but He's given free will.

Your life's real short, you know your misdeeds are wrong.
The Christ can pay your debt, but that's not how you're drawn.
Once you're on the slab, cross can't help you, you're stuck.
You're gonna be losin' if you leave it up to luck.


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