Something About Truth

(parody of "Something About You" by Boston)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this was the final parody in my project to rewrite all the songs on Boston's first album. You can compare it to my earlier efforts, like "Go By Your Feelings" and "End Times," and see if I've made any progress as a parodist. It took me forever to figure out what this version would be about. There are very few messages that are more important.

When I was blinded, I made up God's plan on my own.
It's warm and fuzzy, I'm good and to Heav'n I'd be goin'.

But there was something about truth (I wanted to know).
He brought a change over me (and I'm starting to grow).
I got the Spirit inside,
'Cause He saved me, raised me, paid it when He died.

It isn't pleasing to go where they're grieving for lies, and
It isn't pleasing to know your belief and Him can't agree.

Some twist the Bible to say things it don't really say.
He really meant it, eighteen of two-two Revelay [tion].

The Lord has no satisfaction (He told us it's so)
When we distort what is true (you could wind up below).
You got the Spirit inside?
Get the facts, yeah, facts, yeah, let Him be your guide.

It can be easy to know when you're seeing a lie, and
It can be easy to show what you're believing when you're set free.

solo (like first 2 lines of a verse)

But there is something about truth (I want you to know).
It says He died on a tree (on the third day He rose).
You want the Spirit inside?
Then you have to, have to put your faith in Christ!

Don't disagree with the Lord — Devil's stealing your life, and
Don't disagree with the Lord, just believe in the verse sixteen,
John three, can't you see? He gave it all to save you!

'Cause there is something about truth, yeah, there is something about truth!

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