Sins Sent from Government

(parody of "Incense and Peppermints" by Strawberry Alarm Clock)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I get very vexed sometimes when members of our government spit in God's face with their words and their actions. This song is my idea of a Godly response to that problem, set to a psychedelic-rock classic. The key lyric is "Can't fix politics, seek what is true."

Good sense, common sense, I cannot find.
Spending many things, debt unconfined.
Invasions, evasions boggle the mind.
Sins sent from government, should be a crime.

Few care, the rest excuse.
Truth isn't in the evening news.

Sins sent from president wearing a crown.
Time out, time in, time to wise up now.
Look at your soul, look at your soul. Saved yet?
Look to your soul, look to your soul. One chance, yeah!

Christ's bride collides, with their world view.
Leave your pride by wayside 'cause it's long overdue.
Can't fix politics, seek what is true.
Conflicts, God predicts there will be a few.

He cares the way we choose.
Your little sins can make you refuse.

Pretense, on the fence, eyes can be blind.
One King, all loving and righteous combined.
Malaysians, Caucasians He came to find.
Repent, be content, life unconfined.

Choose prayers, and sin refuse.
Life will begin with King of the Jews.

Repent, or you'll lament
Repent, don't circumvent

Saved from law. Heart must thaw.
Don't withdraw. Stand in awe.
Saved from law. Heart must thaw.
Don't withdraw. Stand in awe.

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