(parody of "Windy" by The Association)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: My friend Ed started to write a parody on this song, with the theme "Everyone knows it's Jesus." It wasn't bad, but it wasn't finished. So I shamelessly stole the song and made my own version, based on one of my spiritual pet peeves.

Who's picking grains of corn on the Sabbath,
Rolled in their hands and making a meal?
Who's doing work when Moses said not to?
Everyone knows it's sinful!

Who used the "day of rest" to do healing,
Men's shriveled hands and women bent o'er?
Who told a man to carry his mattress?
Everyone knows it's sinful!

The Pharisees and the scribes,
They studied and they're so wise.
They're fasting with saddened eyes
So all will know (so all will know) their fast will show (their fast will show)

Who likes a song with drums and guitars now?
Who told his wife it's fine to wear pants?
Whose Bible isn't 1611?
Everyone knows it's sinful!

The Pharisees and the scribes
Are wearing their suits and ties
And preaching the same old lies
That Jesus found (that Jesus found), they're all around (they're all around)

Who tears apart a church with their teaching?
Who's full of pride and doctrines of man?
Who thinks it's good dividing believers?
That's what is really sinful!

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