Signs and Wonders

(parody of "Signs" by Five Man Electrical Band)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: if there's one constant from the beginning of the Bible to the end, it's that people won't believe God until He shows them a sign, and usually, they still won't believe after they've seen it. Signs serve two Biblical purposes: to confirm God's word and to confirm His messenger. If you have any other goal in seeking a sign, don't ask.

And the sign said, "Gideon, grab a horn and blow a battle cry."
But he said, "I'm just not sure about that, and I don't have a reason why."
He said to God, "Could You help me understand Your plan with a sign or two?"
God did just that, sent him to combat, but that's way more signs than were due.

Signs, signs, miracles and signs,
Take the place of the word of God in my mind.
God said, so that's that, do you need the signs?

And the signs said Philip in Samaria was really preaching right.
And Simon rode the fence 'til he saw the apostles giving the Spirit's might.
"Can I lay hands, give the Spirit out? Here's some money to get me in."
Then Peter turned, rebuked him to his face, "Simon, you're quite a sinner."


Now, hey there, brother, can't you read? You better find Matthew four, verse sixteen.
The walking by faith, not sight, is sweet. Miracles may not be here.
Signs and the wonders, they can make it real hard to stay in light.

And the signs said Jesus, He arose from the dead on that third day.
But though Thomas heard it straight, still his faith was too small, he said, "I don't believe it, no way!"
Then the Christ showed that He wasn't vapor. Thomas said, "I'm believing Your sign,
My Lord and God," and He said, "Just believe and your faith, it will be fine."


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