Sheepherder Seein' Paradise

(parody of "Cheeseburger in Paradise" by Jimmy Buffett)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: a Christmas carol! This one leaped at me during a slack moment of a rehearsal for my church's Christmas program. I wrote it without my rhyming dictionary and without having the original lyrics handy; just my memory, a Bible, and something that really seemed like divine inspiration. Especially when I realized that the reference to the "for unto us a child is born" passage in Isaiah is a syllable-perfect parody of Buffett's spoken break. And when I thought of rhyming "hosanna, not for manna" with "Havanas or bananas," I knew I was on to something. Maybe I should do more parodies without the rhyming dictionary...

Me and my friends were not caring for rabbits,
Chasing ewes and lambs every day.
Lookin' out for sheep isn't fun but we're needed,
Taking lots of care for those who wandered away.
But one night, we saw this angelic scene,
We kind of fell at their feet.
Not Sanhedrin, Pharisees, or Rome's judgment seat,
But it's God's own Son, that is who we should greet.

Sheepherder seein' Paradise.
Heaven and earth saw a wondrous light.
Somehow I'm picked to see marvelous sights, I'm just a
Sheepherder seein' Paradise.

Heard the way the Lord would say to men,
"It is a Savior I'm going to send."
Fish and bread, He'd spread, and raise the dead,
But He's confined inside the manger of a Bethlehem inn.
Signs came, for Savior; his day, and time has come to get on our knees.
Sing hosanna, not for manna or more decrees,
But that creator of creation who'll set us free!



Break (spoken):
He's divine, He met us as our Maker.
9:6 and 7, it says in Isaiah.
Forsake all His riches for a cold world here,
The good Lord is mighty, His babe has appeared to me, a

Sheepherder seein' Paradise.
God sent His best so He could purchase our lives.
We were condemned 'til He sacrificed for me, a
Sheepherder seein' paradise. I'm just a
Sheepherder seein' Paradise, I'm just a
Sheepherder seein' Paradise!

repeat break

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