Send the Daylight

(parody of "Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting" by Elton John)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: not much to tell. It's a song parody. It really happened.

It's getting late and these pagan states are starting to deploy from here.
We have no clocks and we rolled some rocks to trap some kings all full of fear.
Their hopes are sunk and they are running like they're drunkards and you know they don't have a prayer.
Their problem's acute, and they'll be uprooted -- our God said that we could live there.

We need some help to attack the nations, You promised us that we would win.
Send the daylight 'til we're done fighting, get some battle action in.
Sun is standing still until they've all been slain, by Joshua and the Israelites.
Send the daylight with all Your might, 'cause we can't fight at night, all right, all right.

We'd have a fight, we knew it all right, we got the call from Gibeon and we marched all night.
A king wanted a tussle and his friends agreed with Hoham, Piram, and Japhia, and Debir.
A couple of the things from the Lord I like are the word of His promise and a hailstone strike.
I'm Joshua, the son of Nun, and I say alas, my best friend Mo didn't see it come to pass.


Send the day, send the daylight all night.

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