My Savior Is a Rock

(parody of "My Girlfriend Is a Rock" by the Nervebreakers)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: This might have been the first Christian parody I ever wrote, or it might have been "Talking Christianese," I don't remember. Regardless, this is a moldy oldie, based on a song that very few people will recognize. I include it in my collection for old time's sake, and to show how far my lyrical skills have improved (I hope).

My Savior is a rock.
My Savior is a rock.
He's the chief cornerstone, now I'll never, ever be alone.
My Savior is a rock.

My heart was like a lock.
The key, He was a rock.
Laid His life down for man; when He came in, my life began.
My Savior is a rock.

Everybody asks me what it's like to serve
Him - does it take guts? Does it take nerve?
I just say He's given life to me
And since I've met Him I've been set free!

My Savior is a rock.
He watches o'er His flock.
He saved my soul for keeps, makes me glad that I'm His sheep.
My shepherd is a rock.

We like to sit and talk.
I like talking with my rock.
Everybody stands and stares, can't understand why I'm praying there.
They don't recognize the rock.

Everybody watch Him up in Galilee.
He walks pretty good on top of the sea.
But He doesn't swim, not quite as good,
As a god made out of wood.

My Savior is a rock.
He stands at the door and knocks.
If only you'd believe Him,
I know that you'd receive Him.
He will set you totally free, give you life eternally.
Let your Savior be a rock.
My Savior is a rock.

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