Sav Lasav, Kav Lakav

(parody of "De Doo Doo Doo" by the Police)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: In Isaiah 28:10-13, the prophet warned the people not to reduce God's word to vain repetitions or they'd miss its meaning altogether. The words "Do and do," etc., in Hebrew are the title of this parody, and suggest a so-called "prophet's" repetitive babbling, devoid of meaning.

Don't thank God divine
If His word you find,
Read it line by line,
Then His rest decline.
And will your reverence reshape you,
Or will His grace and peace escape you?

And sav lasav, and kav lakav, is all God's going to say to you.
And sav lasav, and kav lakav, His word was meant to bring you through.
And sav lasav, and kav lakav, because you won't receive what's true.
And sav lasav, and kav lakav, you know it just means "do and do."

Yahweh's priests did expositions
Of Word of God with admonitions.
Then they gave their own renditions
And no one noticed the omissions.
Now will the Word of God remake you,
Or will you make the Lord forsake you?


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