Samson's Song

(parody of "Come Together" by the Beatles)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: Samson might be among the most tragic characters in the Bible. He could have made a huge difference among his fellow Israelites, but his weakness for women ruined his ministry time after time. I started writing this because a co-worker challenged me to make a parody on this song; when he got laid off, the song was 1/3 done and I forgot it for months. When I finally rediscovered my hand-written notes at the bottom of my lunch cooler, it took less than a day to finish.

Here come old Samson, he come growing up slowly
He got wandering eyeball, he no holy follower
He got hair down to his knee
Ought to be a judge but he just do what he please

He tear up lion, he not tell his family
He got honey finger on his way to nuptials
He say, "I ask you, you tell me."
Only way they tell him is from his bride-to-be

Tied together, fox fires, in the fields.

With bad destruction, he use donkey jawbone
He not learn no lesson, he want gal Delilah
She got deep down to know he's weak
Cutting off his long hair, didn't feel his strength cease

Come and sever, eyes now, 'cause of she.

No Holy Ghoster, he ignored the warnings
No chase pagan daughters, he God's heavy hitter.
He say, "One more time, just once for me."
Got to lean on pillars 'cause he's tired and can't see.

Fall together, all gone, end of he.

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