Samson & Delilah

(parody of "San Francisco" by Scott MacKenzie)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: when Scott MacKenzie passed away in 2012, it seemed reasonable to use YouTube to look up his only big hit. One thing led to another, and this parody came out.

Are you knowing of Samson's tricks, oh?
Are you aware his power's in his hair?
Once you're knowing of Samson's tricks, though,
You're gonna be no friend to peepers there.

They chose to come, but Samson kicks 'em
Every time, 'til he's deprived of hair.
Your deceit has Samson mixed up.
While he's sleeping, content, you'll shear him there.

He has crushed your nation, for a long duration
[He] needs a demotion.
You were his temptation, gave him too much flirtation.
He felt emotion, fleeced by emotion.

And was it dumb of Samson? Think so.
He's unaware for hours in your care.
He's undone, that Samson's tricked-o.
Philistines will be above him there.

Now it's done, and Samson's snipped down.
No more time for he to judge Israel.

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