The Saga Ends

(parody of "American Pie" by Don McLean)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this is another one of those songs that's easy to parody. It's a double parody, since it also borrows bits from Weird Al's parody, "The Saga Begins." This is also the first of my "SongBooks," which covers the main themes of an entire book of the Bible.

A long, long time ago, Jesus told his followers He'd come again.
They stood and watched Him fly away, but He'd be back to rule some day,
But He didn't tell a soul exactly when.

Two thousand years have come and gone, this old world just wanders on,
Farther from the path. We all cry, "Maranath(a)!"
So if you're worried and perplexed, you want to know what happens next,
Just read the Revelation text. They say it's prophesied.

Say bye-bye to the earth and the sky.
Christ's returning and we're yearning for the day we can fly.
This world's been handed to the father of lies.
Maybe read the book and you will see why, read the book and you will see why.

It starts when God's church disappears. A new guy says, for seven years,
He'll bring peace to Israel.
He joins all religions, near and far, into one, no matter where they are,
And the Jews get their temple built as well.

And all the world, from west to east, they wonder greatly at the beast.
His power's undisputed, and Christians persecuted.
And when someone wounds him in the head, he seems to rise up from the dead,
And then the world does what he said. They say it's prophesied.

But we'll be singing, "Bye-bye to the earth and the sky."
Not an ending, for the wedding of the Lamb draweth nigh.
The saints at the supper all dressed up in white,
And we'll eat a kosher Reuben on rye, eat a kosher Reuben on rye.

Now three and a half years have passed. The world's had peace, but it won't last.
The devil's waiting for his day.
Then the beast breaks faith with Israel, proclaims that he is God himself,
And he says all the world to him must pray.

Then the false prophet hits his groove; he makes the beast's new idol move.
The rebels might regret it -- they find themselves beheaded.
Then the world sees one of Satan's tricks; to buy and sell, they're in a fix.
They have to take the six-six-six. They say it's prophesied.

We'll be singing, "My, my, things are not looking nice."
Revelation says the nations will believe Antichrist.
With strong delusion, they will fall for the lies,
While they think that they are being so wise, think that they are being so wise.

And all this time, God's been revealed in four living creatures, seven seals,
And the saints sing a brand-new song up there.
Two witnesses speak holy truth, and a hundred forty-four thousand youth
From the Jews take the Gospel everywhere.

Disaster pours from seven bowls to judge men's bodies, hearts and souls.
They know it's God who sent it, but still they won't repent.
Then seven trumpets blow their sound, Jerusalem's encircled 'round,
But soon her foes will not be found. They say it's prophesied.

We'll be singing, "Bye bye to the Antichrist guy.
"You're attacking but you're lacking any power from On High."
The Lord of Lords is coming down from the sky,
Saying, "This will be the day that you die, this will be the day that you die."

The Armageddon battle ends when Christ the King and Lord descends.
The Jews will see Him, mourn, and they'll be saved.
The beast and all who took his mark are sent to where it's hot and dark,
And the Devil, for a while, is locked away.

A thousand years the Lord will rule, with perfect justice as His tool.
His goodness never faltered, but men's hearts were not altered.
Then Satan and his mighty host fight Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
But fire comes down and now they're toast. They say it's prophesied.

So bye-bye to the old earth and sky.
Our new city's looking pretty, it's adorned like a bride.
The Lord will wipe every tear from our eyes,
And we'll glorify the Father on high, glorify the Father on high.

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