Is the Rich Alive?

(parody of "Hitch A Ride" by Boston)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: one of the saddest parables Jesus ever taught was that of the rich man and Lazarus, found in Luke chapter 16. Many believe that, because Lazarus was named by name, it wasn't a parable at all, but something that actually happened. In either case, it is a sober warning that hell is real, and physical death is not the end of our existence.

Rich man lives a life that's pretty
While that Laz'rus waits outside.
He's idle and feels no pity.
But it's changed 'cause now he's died.

Is the rich alive? Sent to the other side.
Once he wined and dined, (to) Lazarus was blind.
Now too late to pray, no chance to get away.
Feeling now confined, now he has to pay for the lost time.

"Lazarus could dip his finger,
Cool my tongue because I fry.
Works of hell, I find I'm into.
Oh, can he cross that gulf and try?"

Is the rich alive? He's on the other side.
Water on his mind, nothing he can find.
Abraham did say, "You've had your last buffet."
Plea for help declined, now he's gone astray for the last time.

Is the rich alive? Prayed for his brothers five.
"If they see him rise, they will change their minds."
"Not a chance if they, won't hear what Moses say."
Pain is all he finds, hope has gone away for the last time.

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