Pharisee World

(parody of "Fantasy Girl" by 38 Special)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: Paul's conversion is a theme I keep coming back to. It's one of the most pivotal, dramatic moments in the book of Acts. God sure knows how to set up a scene, doesn't He?

Once I was learning rules and was burning with zeal, that was me.
A childhood conclusion, more a delusion that God would be pleased.
And when Steve died, I stood watching and held all their robes and agreed.

Me and my Pharisee world. Gamaliel and me,
And my Pharisee world. Great I would be.

Christians were fair game and I'd snare them and treat 'em real rough.
Consent I was askin' to go to Damascus and round them all up.
To my blind eyes, came a vision of Jesus, a message for me --

Flee from my Pharisee world. Greater is He
Than my Pharisee world. Christ set me free.
No more Pharisee!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! In my mind's eye, there's a vision of Heaven and how it will be.
Free from my Pharisee world, from my Pharisee world.

Free from my Pharisee world. Faith is the key
From my Pharisee world. Christ set me free.

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