A Pair, Annoyed

(parody of "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: In the events of Genesis 34, there is just about no righteousness to be found among any of the people mentioned. This is not a teaching song, it's a warning song — don't do what any of these people did.

Ravished up our woman 'cause Shechem, he had hots for our Dinah.
Then he did what's insane, asked Hamor to get her for his wife.

All day long, we mourned this thing because it wasn't sanctified.
Think that me and Levi, we will find some way to make it right.

Yeah, he'll help me. Jacob just said wait. Oh, yeah.

Go see Genesis thirty-four, Shechem's not in his right mind.
He thinks he can pay and take our only sister and be fine.

When they spoke, then I was sly and said, "You have to circumcise."
They thought "Yes, it's such a deal, their stuff will be like ours for real."

And as soon as this occurred, we took our swords into their gate.
Me and Levi took their lives, our sister will not be his mate.

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