Our Canaan Land

(parody of "Rock & Roll Band" by Boston)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I'm not sure if this song was ever released as a single. But millions of people bought the album, so a few of you will recogize it.

We were just a bunch of slaves down in Egypt, making bricks and crying to be free.
Plagues, they came on down, Egyptians said, "Be gone!" and then God, He parted the Red Sea.
Our parents didn't trust God's promise. It's forty years and none have survived.
But I just heard God say, "Just be strong and courageous and you will thrive."

Our Canaan land, which the Lord had promised
To Abraham, and to all of us, if
All, will follow, the way -- pray -- obey!

Marching 'round the walls of the city. All the priests were blowing horns in His name.
Soldiers led the line and then the Ark behind, and soon Jericho went up in flames.
Taking out cities and kingdoms, 'cause their maidens our young men weren't kissing.
With our weapons in range and our voices in praise, all their troops went missing.


Finally, all Canaan is our land. Our enemies have met the sword.
Choose you all this day whom you'll serve and obey, but for my house, we will serve the Lord.
Fear God and remember His cov'nant. His enemies need burnination.
But remember, you'll be judged and expelled if you copy the nations.


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