On God's Way

(parody of "On Broadway" by George Benson)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this parody started off as not much more than a mental hiccup; the title occurred to me, so I started writing rhymes, just to see how far it would go. To my surprise, it morphed into saying some important things.

They say there's freedom and there's light on God's way.
He said that I can trust and cast my cares.
His Word is talkin', it's complete,
It is a lamp unto my feet.
I know He hears me when I come in prayer.

They say the livin' is divine on God's way (on God's way).
But look — there's just one way. We have to choose.
'Cause in Ephesians, two eight-nine,
Your works cannot win His new wine.
It's grace by faith; I hope you won't refuse.

They said I wouldn't last too long on God's way (on God's way).
I'd want to play and bust it wrong, and fall away.
But they are wrong, I know they are,
'Cause I can pray both near and far,
And I won't quit my Morning Star on God's way.

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