Pharaoh said "No"

(parody of "No No Song" by Ringo Starr)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: This is my second version of the No No Song. Unlike most of my parodies, which hit me in moments of inspiration, I sat down to write this one for a specific reason. Our church holds a Messianic Seder every year, in which we see how the elements of the traditional Jewish Passover ceremony point to Christ, the Messiah. One part of the ceremony I don't like is the song we have to sing about the Ten Plagues, which is a totally lame parody of "My Darling Clementine." I was convinced I could do better than that, and honestly, I think I did.

The Pharaoh told us "no," we can't go worship Yahweh.
I prayed because he did not understand.
Then God called out, "Hold out your staff all the way,
"And watch as I bring plagues upon the land."

Pharaoh said, "No no no no, you won't worship the Lord."
Then God turned all the water to gore.
"No thank you please, just ask your frogs to leave."
Then God sent a plague of lice galore.

The Pharaoh told us "no," we'd never leave his domain.
I prayed because the Lord, he did withstand.
Then God called out, "He will not make you remain,
"He can't prevail against My outstretched hand."

Pharaoh said, "No no no no, you won't worship the Lord."
And then God sent some flies in a swarm.
"No thank you please, my livestock's all diseased.
"All these boils, they really make me sore."

The Pharaoh told us "no," he'd never let us all go.
I prayed because he would not understand.
Then God called out, "My final wonders I'll show,
"And soon he'll gladly send you from the land."

Pharaoh said, "No no no no, you won't worship the Lord."
The hail destroyed all Egypt some more.
"I will be pleased when swarms of locusts leave.
"Now it's dark and I can't find the door."

Pharaoh said, "No no no no, I give up in this war.
"My firstborn's lying dead on the floor.
"You've been set free, take treasures if you please.
"Leave this land and go to serve your Lord!"

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