Mormons and the Watch Tower

(parody of "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: yes, I know Bob Dylan wrote the song. The Hendrix version is much better known, and even Dylan plays it that way now. My lyrics describe a quiet dialog between a disillusioned JW elder and an equally disillusioned Mormon priest.

"There must be some other way out of here," said the elder to the priest.
"I looked for salvation, by works and not belief.
"Religious men did think of lies, about the new birth.
"It all sounds evil; can I find, a safer way off this earth? Hey!"


"No peace if you get ignited," the priest, he quietly spoke.
"There are a few here among us who feel it's all mirrors and smoke.
"But you and I have seen through that; we want a road that's straight.
"So let us not talk falsehood now, let's go to Christ through faith. Saved!"

long solo

Mormons and the Watch Tower haven't kept what's true,
And they all wouldn't just repent, like God's servants do.
Some find mind-controlled prisons, the truth disavowed.
The end is fast approaching. They'd come in, they don't know how! No!

end solo & fade

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