Master of Your Life

(parody of "Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benatar)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: If you want to come to Jesus, His gift of salvation is free. If you want to please Him, then coming to Him is the start, but then you need to obey Him.

intro: chorus a cappella

You said you heard you're a free bird
And you keep your life for yourself.
He said He'll provide if you kill pride
All the way with no regret.
(He) ransomed your life, so maybe stay on track,
'Cause He saved you for Himself.

You're running from the Master of your life.
Just let Him take command and make things right.
It's never what it seems — seek Him and find
He is truly your friend.

I know that sometimes, you feel like
You're not moving from your past.
Don't tell Him goodbye, you have to rely
On the Lord, the first and last.
Is your life rough, baby? He invites,
If you want to be pleasing, come make it right.

solo (like a verse)

And now His hand's desiring your free will
Will you change your ways for His goodwill?

chorus x3
solo (like a chorus) repeat & fade

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