Manna For Ya

(parody of "My Sharona" by the Knack)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: every parodist has to do a "My Sharona" parody; I think it's a rule. This started as a half-hearted joke, but I decided to finish it and polish it up. Who knows? Someone might get blessed by it.

When the Jews hit desert sand, the Father's hand
Reached and gave them something called "manna" for ya.
Little flakes that tasted sweet, like sugar beets,
Unidentified but they had euphoria.

Breakfast, supper, lunch, "Thanks a bunch," all the Jews would say.
Bend and pick it up, just enough, 'cept the Sabbath day.
Fried, dried, pie, Thai style, wow!
M-m-m-manna for ya.

Soon they changed and said that it's just the pits.
"Wish we had some onions or macarona."
Then the snakes were in their midst - they got bit.
Only hope is look at that serpent on a

Pole that Moses raised. Look in faith and He'll heal your bites.
Lesson from the pain - don't complain, all you Israelites.
Try, cry, die, bye bye, wow!
M-m-m-manna for ya. M-m-m-manna for ya.

God provided manna, hey, every day,
Down from Exodus until Deuterona-.
It was real so they'd survive, kept alive,
Not a phony wonder like Medjugorje.

God has promised more, from His store, to the Pergamum
Folks, and maybe you'll get some too, if you overcome.
Christ nigh, wise guys fly, wow!
M-m-m-manna for ya.

Ooh, manna for ya.

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