Long Night

(parody of "Long Time" by Boston)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: This is my second try at rewriting "Long Time" (the first was called "End Times"). I think this one is a better parody, but the other one doesn't stink, so I'm leaving both on my site. This one is about the Roman soldiers guarding Jesus' tomb.

It's been such a long night. The sun will be soon be showing, yeah.
And three other guys and me, we'll soon be going.
Stayed long, on our duty time, yeah.
Got to keep on guarding a tomb — they put some Jewish guy away.
He's crucified and died three days.

No one's takin' that guy, He is dead and gone.
Don't forget He's down beneath a giant stone.
And I guard like it's mine, I won't live no more
If anyone gets by that door.

Oh, yeah yeah yeah, it's been such a long night, it's been such a long night.
(short solo)

Well, I just cannot see, who would go for that tomb.
But from on high, orders came by — I cannot let a soul through.
Who'd try, to face me and to fight me?
Disciples denied His name, and they are all in hiding.
No courage they are finding.

No need wakin' my guys, they aren't snoozin' on.
Can't forget about our duty, we've been sworn.
And we'll take care of Christ, He won't move no more.
Just on guard and we'll make sure.

Oh, yeah yeah yeah, it's been such a long night, it's been such a long night.
(long solo)

Now there is an odd guy, his face is glowin', yeah.
And just as I faint, I see, the stone is rollin'.
When we came to, it's empty now and quiet.
We've got to go tell the Pharisees, but they aren't gonna buy it.
I think I may be dyin'.

Well, is Jesus alive? I know what I saw.
Did He arise? I can't be wrong.
Did He arise, did He arise...

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