Little Mister

(parody of "Little Sister" by Elvis Presley)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this is one of a very few parodies that I set out to write, instead of letting the idea hit me. I realized I'd recently redone songs by the Big 3 bands of the 60's (Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Beach Boys), but had omitted Elvis somehow. As I considered this, I also realized that ApologetiX has written several songs about Zacchaeus the tax collector ("Hey Zacchaeus" and "Jericho" come to mind), but I hadn't done any. So I searched a list of Elvis' songs for something that sounded Zacchaeus-like, and as soon as I saw "Little Sister," well, the idea hit me. The song's focus is on Zacchaeus' repentance, because that's where Jesus' focus was.

Little mister, don't you...
Little mister, don't you...
Little mister, don't you climb to see the Christ,
But stay with all your vices one by one.
Little mister, don't you do what the big priest has done.

Well, you heard about the Master
When He came to Jericho.
A sycamore was handy, you'd think Jesus planned it
'Cause He looked right up and spoke:

"Little mister, won't you...
"Little mister, won't you...
"Little mister, won't you give Me an invite,
"To sup with you tonight until we're done?"
Little mister, Jesus knew something big has begun.

It is time to greet the Master.
See the nineteenth chapter [of] Luke.
You've seen that you're evil. You need an upheaval.
Say goodbye to bucks from Jews.

Little mister, won't you...
Little mister, won't you...
Little mister, won't you give your heart to Christ,
Then pay the poor a slice of what you've won?
Little mister, follow through with the good you've begun.

Well, the folks thought you're a big fail
And they turned up their nose.
But mercy's overflowin' and son of Abram knowin' —
Jesus said, "I came for those."

Little mister, you're new...
Little mister, saved too...
Little mister, the abyss would not be nice.
He'll pay for you a price, the risen Son.
Did the Master come for you, and it can't be undone?
Little mister, is it true that your new life's begun?

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