Let It Go

(parody of "Let's Go" by the Cars)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I hadn't done a Cars parody in a while, and this one leaped at me while I was reading the story of David and Abigail in the Old Testament. It's a perky new-wave song with an infectious beat, and now it has some decent lyrics.

He drives you away when you did no wrong.
His wife Abigail came and fed your throng.
She didn't wait too long.

She's kind of face-down, and her talk is clean.
And she made her plot from verse seventeen.
You're the chosen sire of the one Messiah.

And I know Nabal put you down,
He tried to make you frown, but she said,

"Let it go. I brought some nice bites, Davey."
She said, "We won't incite strife, Davey."
She said, "Let it go!"

She turned you aside with your rant defused.
He's so bottle-filled now, she doesn't share her news.
He really likes his booze.

In First Sam twenty-five, he's a listless lout.
But when she told him the score, he went so cold, he's out.
He's a son of Belial, he's undone, expired.

And you don't want her wandering 'round;
She's going to wear your crown, 'cause she said,

"Let it go." You had a wise wife, Nabie.
You said, "Now say goodbye to life, Nabie."
She said, "Let it go."

She'll make a prize wife, Davey.
I said you'll have a nice wife, Davey.
She said, "Let's go!"

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