Kill the Queen

(parody of "Killer Queen" by Queen)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: When I thought about a parody of this song, the title flashed into my head with no prompting. Finding a Biblical subject to go with that title took some work with a concordance. But when I found that subject, the rest of the words came to me easily. The song would be a bear to play, though.

They kept Joash in hiding, and she doesn't know it yet.
"Let them serve Baal," she says; death is what she's gonna get.
Spiritual malady filled her heart, and we can see
That all the time, a Godly nation was not on her mind.
One son that she did beget. Jehu came and got him, yet
He led the land into vice.

Got to kill the Queen, a good prince is yet unseen.
Time is right for a holy scheme.
Royal seed we're going to find, Athaliah. Oooh,
Wickedness, it has a price, they'll take you down with great delight.
Gonna die!

To avoid royal succession, she killed them all and made a mess.
The generation of princes, they were all suppressed.
Name was Athaliah, son was Ahaziah,
Many sins, criminally mom and son combined.

Jehu came angrily from Ramoth (Gilead)
For kings he couldn't care less. His archery was precise.


Jehoiada's not for killing as, he knew where the prince was at.
Then brought him out with satisfaction, to the praise of godliness
To resolutely crown that child, child. (now go and get her)

Gonna kill the Queen, a good king is on the scene.
Time is right for a holy scheme.
Beg and plead, there isn't time, Athaliah.
Recompense, it isn't nice, they took you down with great delight.
Gotta die!

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