Jonah Be Good

(parody of "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: Writing this one was like shooting fish in a barrel. The subject came easily, the rhymes came easily. I just wish I could play it on guitar that easily. This is one of my "SongBooks" that goes through the main themes of an entire book of the Bible.

There was a guy named Jonah down in Israel's scene.
The Lord sent him to Nineveh to intervene.
But Jonah took an attitude and said he would-
-n't do the things that God the Father said that he should.
He'd rather see the Ninevites all go to hell,
So he headed for Tarshish and he said farewell.

Oh, go! Go, Jonah, go.
Go! Go, Jonah, Lord said so.
No, Jonah, no. Oh, go! Go, Jonah, go.
Please go! Jonah be good.

He found himself a boat that wasn't coming back.
He went below the decks and then he hit the sack.
A storm was blowing hard, the sailors were afraid,
But Jonah said, "Dispose of me and you'll be saved."
A fish, it came and swallowed him three nights and days,
With nothing left to do except to cry and pray.


The fish had indigestion, left him on dry land.
He went to Nineveh and prophesied, "The end!"
Then everyone repented, from the king on down,
But Jonah, he was mad that God had spared the town.
God said, "I had mercy 'cause they were contrite.
"Quit your attitude and get right!"


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