(parody of "Vincent" by Don McLean)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: This beautiful melody deserves better subject matter than a crazy painter. I wrote the first half in the 1980's, and left it there until the early 2000's, when the ideas for the rest of the song came to me.

Starry, starry night, praying in Gethsemane, “Father, take this cup from me,
Yet not my will, but only Yours be done.”
Peter fell asleep. James and John had closed their eyes,
Too fatigued to sympathize, or watch and pray with God’s most precious Son.

Did they understand the meaning of the wine and bread?
How You’d come to crush the serpent’s head? Did they hear what You had said?
They listened once, but now they dreamed away, and missed their chance to pray.

Day turned black as night, crucified with common thieves, taunted by the Pharisees -
“Come save yourself and prove that you’re the Christ.”
One thief joined right in. The other sang a different song,
“This man has done nothing wrong,” and by his faith, escaped to Paradise.

He could understand the payment for sin’s penalty,
Hanging for the world to see, nailed upon a wooden tree.
He sought forgiveness for his evil past, and there found life at last.

You gave up all of heaven’s glory for
The horror of the cross You bore to pay the price for sinners such as me.
Oh, Jesus, we could never understand, much less deserve, a gift from God like Thee.

Three days and three nights, then the stone was rolled away. You stepped out into the day,
Raised up, just as Your promises had shown.
Now it comes to this: Jesus died to set us free.
Oh, what will our answer be? Salvation comes when we trust Him alone.

Do we understand the meaning of the word You gave?
All our rituals and works can’t save, or redeem us from the grave.
We need to take God’s only cure for sin - “You must be born again.”

We can believe His word and seek His will, serve His holy name until
He comes again to take His people home,
Or we can live our lives in our own names, and fall in flames - the choice is ours alone.

Day turns into night. We don’t know how long we’ll last.
Life flies by, and then it’s past. The way is clear. The choice is up to you.

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