It's a Turning Away

(parody of "On the Turning Away" by Pink Floyd)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: of all the songs I could think of to parody, did it have to be a song from the band that gives my pastor the worst reminders of his unsaved past? But it's also a song that my best friend really likes. And the message is one that no Christian could possibly have any objection to. Just remember that "repentance" means "turning away from sin," and you'll get the idea.

It's a turning away
From the fail of the Garden.
It's a word we say —
It's "repent," understand?
When you're tempted, it's not a sin.
It's just a place where your old man kicks in.
But you'll find that your joy begins as you're turning away.

All your sin's disallowed.
Sight the straight and the narrow.
Your past comes back now;
Did you fall on your own?
Be aware how you sank like stone
When you fought for your part alone.
I remind you God's on His throne, but He rejects the proud.

All the things that you fight
All your days; they're recurring
As you seek for the right
And you're finding the Lord.
Use the Word and in light remain,
And memorize it and praise His name;
See the new man exchanged for the things that you fight.

Keep on turning away,
Though you're weak and you're weary,
As you're learning to pray
With great boldness applied.
As the Word makes us all aware,
The Lord is just and we'll soon be there,
In the land of our dreams where we'll need no more turning away.

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