Insultin' the King

(parody of "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this was my other favorite song when I was young and lost. It took me years, and several false starts, to come up with a decent parody, but once I figured out what it should be about, it almost wrote itself. My finest achievement as a guitarist is to play the ending solo and come close to the original, although I'm not 100% sure how I'm doing it.

You get a shiver at the darkness you read about in Mark, past fourteen.
In chapter 23 of Luke, he told the same thing.
A sinless man is dying, as was foreseen.
On left and right, criminals are suffering.

Now, gathered on all sides, there are only furious faces
Being devout, and his pain, it doesn't bring them down.
It's too much tradition, without God's graces.
A ring of thorns, they think is a crown.
On the east side, on the east side, Jerusalem town.

Check out the big crowd, how they yelled and roared.
Mind, this is a spectacle and they don't want to miss a single thing.
"Come down and save yourself, and we'll call you the Lord."
You can just hear all the hate in their voices ring.

The Pharisees and scribes, they're the ones who made this scene.
This is the day before the Passover rites.
Jesus tried to warn them, they missed everything.
Mocking His name with great delight,
They're just insultin', they are insultin' the King.

And the thieves on the crosses are cursing with hatred and scorn, now.
"If you're the king, then set us free, no matter how much we stole."
Though one had maligned, then he said, "Keep me in mind
When You have reached Your royal goal."
He's done insultin', and what's resultin' is a saved soul.

And then the Son of Man gave His life with unbroken bones.
The pow'r of sin at last became a has-been thing.
After three days, then He rolled away the stone,
And we say, "Death, where is your sting?"
No more insultin', no more insultin' the King

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