I'll Pray For You

(parody of "I'll Play For You" by Seals & Crofts)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this was an easy one to rewrite, once I finally got it started. It's a simple message, but one that we all need to hear now and then.

I'll pray... for you. I'll pray... for you. I'll pray... for... you.

Tonight while the Light is guiding and the pow'r of God is on, I'll pray for you.
For many could be the blessings if the Lord's will I can find, obey for you.
But I'll pray for you, to pray and follow through.
If I say that I'm your friend, then it should be right you can depend —
I'll always pray for you.

Hear the plan! Here's the plan! Don't you let yourself be swayed by fear of man.
Just need Christ, you don't need clever.
Don't you ever stop believing, let the Spirit guide, you see;
Now hear the plan! Here's the plan! You can pray and intercede with holy hands.
And these few moments can count forever, if I pray for you.

I've served Him many years and I have learned it's good to pray if I may with you.
My life, it isn't long, but He has taught me many days to pray for you.
To say to you, "The Lord is ever true."
And I'd like for you to be, whatever God calls you to be.
You'll always be special to me.


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