I'd Rather Have My Christ

(parody of "El Condor Pasa" by Simon & Garfunkel)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: Paul Simon took an ancient Andean folk song and wrote some vague philosophical-sounding lyrics for it. I got it my head one day, and kept thinking "I'd rather... I'd rather... I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold!" The lyrics from that old hymn, rearranged somewhat, go nicely with the older Andean melody.

I'd rather have my Christ than much fine gold.
Riches untold, make my heart grow cold.
Homes or lands, He commands, I'm led by His hand.

I'd rather have my Christ than men's applause.
I own His cause, and I cannot pause.
I'll not claim, worldwide fame, just His name.

I would not choose to be a king, vast domain, hill and plain,
Or give myself to sin's dread sway, night and day, turned away.
So I sing, of one thing, just Christ my King.

solo: 2 verses, 1 bridge

He's fairer than the flow'rs of rarest bloom
The sweetest known, honey from the comb.
I've been freed, He meets my need, I let Him lead.
slow down
You've been freed, He meets your need, let Him lead.

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