I Wanna Heal Your Hand

(parody of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: The incident when Christ healed the man's withered hand is one of the few cases in Scripture where Jesus got angry. The legalism and hard-heartedness of the Pharisees, who opposed the healing because it was done on the Sabbath, drew a reaction from the Son of Man that shows that even He, as full of love as He was, was also God the Son and was capable of wrath. Someday, that same wrath will condemn all who have not placed their full faith in Him alone. Don't be like the Pharisees — read God's word and believe it, no matter what your religious tradition says.

Oh, yeah, I'll show you something, we're in the Holy Land.
And I'll show you something, I wanna heal your hand.
I won't withhold God's plan, I wanna heal your hand.

Go see, in Mark 3, and Matthew 12 as planned.
You'll see Pharisees — "You shouldn't heal his hand!"
They tried to scold this man, because I'll heal your hand.

And when they watched you, they felt angry inside
Cause it's the Sabbath and their law's misapplied, misapplied, misapplied.

Yeah they're knowing nothing, they just don't understand
When I say the Sabbath is good for healing hands.
Go and unfold your hand, I wanna heal your hand.

It should have touched them; I felt angry inside.
I came to free them but their heart's full of pride, full of pride, full of pride.

Yeah, truth showed them nothing. It was the Lord's command
When I showed them something, I went and healed your hand.
Their faith is old and bland, and they misunderstand,
Because I healed your hand.

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