I Thessalonians

(parody of "Sugar Magnolia" by the Grateful Dead)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this is what happens when you take a song title and run it through your head until it sounds like something from the Bible. I am not now and never have been a Deadhead, but I really like the way this parody turned out - I think it's one of my best. It's one of my "SongBooks," a song that goes through the major themes of a book of the Bible, to help us remember what's where.

First Thessalonians, the first chapter, Paul and friends to the saints all there.
Grace and peace and thanks to the Father, as we're mentioning you in our prayer.

Spirit, power, word of the Gospel, turned you from idols to be His bride.
We have discovered throughout all Achaia, also Macedonia, your faith's gone far and wide.

We took nothing while beside you, God gave everything we need.
You took the Word, although it brings trouble, you've been quickened by this creed.

Don't be sinning in ways of vice now. Love the saints and do work that's true.
When He comes, the dead won't follow, they'll be raised the same time as you.

Well, those of us who are going with Him don't know the day when He will arrive.
There are some who love just to say, "Peace and safety," then there's destruction, they won't be alive.

First Thessalonians, five short chapters. Walk in the Son's light, be self-controlling,
And waiting for the Son's time, come on, baby, read along with me.

Paul taught everything delightful, Paul wrote everything we need.
Putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and hope of salvation, yes indeed.

Some folks, they will end up crying, suffer wrath 'cause they're lost, not found.
We know why the Lord was dyin', to take us out, we'll be safe and sound,
Safe and sound.

Warn those daydreamers. With everyone be patient.
Rejoice always. Praying without ceasing.
Give thanks in all things. Don't you quench the Spirit.
Hold onto what's good, avoiding every evil.
God is faithful. The grace of Christ be with you.

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