I Got a New God

(parody of "I Want a New Drug" by Huey Lewis & the News)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: when I started rewriting this one, I meant for it to be called "I Want a New God," and it would be about a backslider complaining about the drawbacks of following Jesus. But I couldn't think of any, except His insistence that we forsake our sins. So I shifted the idea to a new believer comparing Christ to whichever deity he had been following in the past.

I got a new God, one who knows how I tick.
One who won't make me act bizarre,
Make me bow to a crucifix.

I got a new God. In His Book that I read,
Says He knows what it's like to cry,
Says He rose up from the dead.

One who deserves my service, one who changed my world view.
One who sets me free and gives me life that's ever new.
All other gods are through.

I got a new God, one who gives free will.
One who can heal with a touch,
One who won't tell me to kill.

I got a new God, one who hears when I pray.
One who don't care for fancy rites,
One who's gonna steal me away.

One without priest or dervish, cardinal or guru.
One who gave His word to us and every word is true.
To other gods, adieu. (Merci beaucoup!)

solo - like 1st verse repeated four times (2 for sax, 2 for guitar)

I got a new God, once I understood
That He died for all my bad,
When He hung on a cross of wood.

I got a new God, one I can't live without.
One who's holy, pure and such,
Gonna make my faith grow out.

One who deserves all my trust, love and devotion, too.
One who came and died for me and also died for you,
So He'd atone for you. (Was this known to you?)

solo - like 1st verse repeated 2 times, end on D

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