He's Wholly Bananas

(parody of "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I didn't think I'd ever even try to parody this one, since ApologetiX covered it so well with "Sweet Oholibamah," and there aren't many other words that sound like "Alabama" anyway. But one slow day at work, the title hit me, and I realized it was about Danial chapter 4, in which King Nebuchadnezzar loses his sanity for seven years until he acknowledges the Lord's greatness. So here it is.

(Turn him out!)

Big dreams are for learning.
Daniel, go home and see the king.
He's been praising his own land.
The mist and dew, they're meant for him, because pride is a sin.

Well, I heard Mister Nebuchadnezzar.
I heard he feels full and proud.
Well, it ain't real fun to remember
Stubborn men aren't needed around, anyhow.

He's wholly bananas.
Hair and nails, how they grew.
He's wholly bananas.
Lord sent judgment on him, too.

short solo

In Babylon, he should be humbler. Ooh, ooh, ooh.
"This is what's decreed for you.
"Water takes place (of) authority
" 'Til God's sovereign enough for you. Tell the truth."

He's wholly bananas.
God don't lie, He is true.
He's wholly bananas.
Chickens comin' home to roost.

long solo

Now, must you show you've got an offer
And make it known it's seven years for you?
"Lord then picked me up so high.
He brought me back to my kingdom, too, when I was due."

He's wholly bananas.
"To that time, adieu."
He's wholly bananas.
"Lord, He brought me from the dew."

He's wholly bananas.
Dream's no lie, it came true, like deja vu.
He's wholly bananas.
"Praise and glory unto You!"

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