He's a Child O Mine

(parody of "Sweet Child O Mine" by Guns n Roses)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: there were two separate times when God spoke from Heaven, acknowledging that Jesus was His Son. The Jews didn't get it the first time, and the disciples didn't quite get it the second time. So when someone tells you he'll believe the Bible if God speaks to him audibly, the best answer is, "No, you won't."

He came in time out beyond Judea,
Inclined to the wilds of the Jordan stream.
He was the King, but He came down to get baptized.

Down and in, the event took place
That started His way so He'd save our race.
And then they heard the strongest voice that came from the sky:

Oh, He's a child of Mine. (I'm) pleased, with that Son of Mine.

Three friends climbed to a mountain high
And far above the plain,
To date, they'd never seen His eyes
As they're seen when He would reign.
Up there, they find Him shining full of grace
With Moses and Elij'
And then like the thunder, the Father came,
His voice from a cloud in the sky:

Oh, He's a child of Mine. (I'm) pleased, with that Son of Mine.
Oh, oh oh oh, He's a child of Mine. Hear that son of Mine.

Peter and those, on the plateau now, James and his bro.
They fell down low, scared and it showed now. They fell down low.
No more aglow, clothes not like snow now. No more aglow. (He's hi-i-igh)
They had to go, back down below now. They had to go.
They didn't know, their faith would grow now. They didn't know.
Vision bestowed, tell it to no one. Vision bestowed —
"He's a child, He's a child of Mine."

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