H8er Goi

(parody of "Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this is another attempt to parody a song that isn't more than two decades old. As often happens, I came up with the title first, and that suggested the rest of the lyrics, which are about King Herod.

He was a goy, king in this world, 'cause he had the Romans, the governor's trust.
Attitude stunk, pride in the way. It wasn't okay.
A birth had occurred, God came to dwell, and openly Christ came to save from hell.
But he would contend, he would oppose the King who Jehovah the Almighty chose.

He was a hater goy, he's after the savior boy, Who was a good 'nough threat for Herod.
He was a pure disgrace, priorities out of place. He should have rejoiced at Jesus' birth.

Two years from now, he's on his throne, fearing that maybe his time has flown.
Some men from the East, at least two or three — "Your King we sought, tell us, where is he?"
He calls Jewish friends, they say that they know, and Bethlehem's picked many years ago.
"Just run along, and once you have found, look me up and then I'll be inbound."

He was a hater goy, he's after the savior boy, Who was a good 'nough threat for Herod.
Led by a shining star, came in from very far, they brought Him gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Sorry, Herod, you missed out. Wise men took a different route.
Joseph's dream he comprehends, and he knows what you intend.
You're bad and you wouldn't see, what that boy was meant to be.
He would grow to live and die, and then His soul and body'd rise.

Joseph a boy, and Mary a girl, and they made it out with their son, Jesus.
He'll reign above, He is preferred. Herod's mocked, he's a curse word.

He was a hater goy, but God's with the savior boy, and Herod's rage caused endless woe.
And everyone still will know, although it was years ago, about a boy he refused to know.

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