Goys Will Be Goys

(parody of "Boys Will Be Boys" by Beyond Pink)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: not many people will recognize the original for this one; it may have gotten more notice in a Barbie-doll music video than by the original artist. The parody is strictly for fun, and describes how a Jewish believer in the early church might have felt as the Gentile believers grew in numbers.

Did you ever wonder how,
How a goy can turn Jews around?
Well, his behavior gives offense
Until he's gonna see, the day that he repents.

Goys have some ways that are strange.
When they're saved, you're gonna see a change.
Their idea of how it's done,
They'll soon be flinging off when they're in the Son.

Chorus 1:
Goys will be goys! The Law, they're not obeying.
Goys will be goys! They don't keep our rules.
The stuff that they enjoy, is gonna keep me praying.
Goys will be goys, will be goys, will be goys!

Some goys in Acts 15,
They liked idols and strangled meat.
They heard the Law in all its glories,
But they really cared for food that was gory.

But then they made some amends.
I just had to be content.
Can I believe how much they changed?
I think the goys have read a note from James.

chorus 1
Chorus 2:
Goys will be goys! They're gonna make you stumble.
Goys will be goys! But oddly enough,
They're saved and jump for joy, then they're getting humble.
Goys will be goys, will be goys, will be goys!

Now listen up, all you Jewish girls and boys!
You'd get a doc, round the clock, circumcise the goys!
The law that you employ, is not their precious pearl,
So the gospel isn't tardy — let 'em take it 'round the world!

Chorus 3:
Goys will be goys! La da, la la.
Goys will be goys! La da, la da, la la la.
It's grace that God employs, La da, la la.
Goys will be goys, will be goys, will be goys!

repeat chorus 3 & fade

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