The Good-Buy Pearl

(parody of "Goodbye Earl" by Dixie Chicks)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this song has such a happy la-la sing-along chorus, you might forget that the original is about an abused wife murdering her husband with her best friend's help. My version, of course, is about Jesus' parable of the pearl of great price — this song couldn't be about anything else.

Maybe anyone could get what Christ intends
If he just asks and prays.
Those parables are for us, bub,
To help us live along the way.

He made application of a man went out
Lookin' for stuff in this world.
Went and looked all around and 'round
And what he found was pearls.

Well, he's willing to seek 'cause it made him merry to
Wonder which ones he's gonna choose.
Seeing one surpasses, another is lousy,
And many could make him snooze.

Well, he finally could observe no buyer's remorse;
He went and saw one very rare.
(If he) hocked all jewels where he was a hoarder,
He'd look like he's a millionaire.

Right away that man knew, he got up and ran
With a joy he could not hide.
He took all he had, and he sold it as planned
'Cause he didn't take long to decide

That pearl was a buy! A good-buy pearl.
It wasn't free, it looks real good to me, pearl.
He went to seek, and found him a unique pearl.
He's on the mark, 'cause he was looking sharp, pearl.

Just the same as that pearl, is
The search for how to finally know
To grip on Heaven and escape from Hades
When you hear the Word from long ago.

Jesus speaks of why the King is a-judgin';
It's a bummer when we face the fall.
We can turn from sins, He'll dismiss and pardon
And we will not miss it all.

Does the world understand how the Lord's strong hand
Points us to life divine?
Give up all we have to the Lord's one Lamb
And we won't regret if we're contrite.

That pearl is a buy! A good-buy pearl.
It will not break [break] 'cause it isn't a fake pearl.
I have a hunch, good enough and not junk, pearl.
Well, Matthew writes, in 13:45, pearls.

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