(Love Your) Gomer, Hosea

(parody of "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story of Hosea and his wayward wife is a beautiful picture of God's faithful love for us.

Loving you isn't a light thing to do.
But when I heard God, I could not disagree.
I thought you would want to live in my world.
It's so hard, when you won't stay here with me.

Love your Gomer, Hosea (hold on, Hosea).
You've been called by the Lord, and you'll obey.
Love your Gomer, Hosea (hold on, Hosea).

Tell me why you had to run around.
Just straying and disobeying's what you do.
If I can, I'll bring you back to my world.
Just look up, I'll pay a price to reclaim you.


End chorus:
Love your Gomer, Hosea.
It's a picture of us and God, they say.

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