Gimme Ten Steps

(parody of "Gimme Three Steps" by Lynyrd Skynyrd)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: some song titles just beg for a parody; it's just a question of knowing your Bible well enough to recognize the new set of lyrics when they hit you. This one comes from II Kings 20:1-11.

I had caught me a bug, they couldn't cure it with drugs, and it was much worse than the flu.
Then in walked a man who's from God with a plan, and I was thinking my time was through.
He said, "Hey, Hezekiah, you know I'm no liar, God's word will always be true,
And you should say your prayers, and get your house square, 'cause this will be all for you." (I said, "You're losin' me.")

I was sad and mourning for my life, praying in my grief on my knees.
'Cause I beseeched and pleaded, begged and asked, "Lord, I've followed You faithfully."
While I'm reminiscing on things I'd be missing, Isaiah came back anew.
He said, "The Lord, He heard you and He's going to answer. Just pick a sign out for you."

I said, "Gimme ten steps, gimme ten steps, Master, gimme ten steps back, not fore.
Gimme ten steps, gimme ten steps shadow, and I'll know I'm not sick no more."

Well the prophet did say, "You'll live and in three days, you'll go to the house of the Lord.
And I'm telling you, son, the Lord, He ain't done with your years - you've got fifteen more.
He'll return, and He'll screen His town, Jeru-salem, Assyria won't win this war."
And He would heal me, He said He heard me pray, and He would answer 'cause I implored.


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